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62                           KBISHHA'S COMBAT WITH THE BULL ABISHTA.

Yet once again was the dance of love rudely interrupted. The demoa
Arishta, disguised as a gigantic bull, dashed npon the scene and made straight
for Krishna. The intrepid youth, smiling, aWaited the attack, and seizing him

by the horns forced down his head to the ground; then twisting the monster's
neck as it had ,,been a wet rag, he wrenched one of the horns from the socket
and with it so belaboured the brute that no life was left in his body. Then all
the herdsmen rejoiced; but the crime of violating even the semblance of a bull
could not remain nnexpiated. So all the sacred streams and places of pilgrim-
age? obedient to Krishna's summons^ came in bodily shape to Gobardhan and
poured from their holy urns into two deep reservoirs prepared for the occasion/
There Krishna bathed, and by the efficacy of this concentrated essence of sanc-
tity was washed clean of the pollution he had incurred.

When Kansa heard of the marvellous acts performed by the two boys at

Brinda-ban he trembled with fear and recognized the fated avengers, who had

eluded all his cruel vigilance and would yet wreak his doom.   After pondering

•   for a while what stratagem to adopt, he proclaimed a great toumay of annss

making sure that if they were induced to come to Mathura and enter the lists as

combatants, they would be inevitably destroyed by Ms two champions Channr

aud Mashtika,   Of all the Jadav tribe Aknir was the only chieftain in whose

integrity the tyrant could confide : he accordingly was despatched with an

invitation to Nanda and all his family to attend the coming festival.   But though

Akriir started at once on his mission, Kansa was too restless to wait the result:

the demon Kesin? terror of the woods of Brinda-ban5 was ordered to try his

strength against them or ever they left their home.    Disguised as a wild horse?

the monster rushed amongst the herds, scattering them in all directions. Krishna

alone stood calmly in his way5 and when the demoniacal steed bearing down

upon Mm with wide-extended jaws made as though it would devour Mm, h©

thrust his arm down the gaping throat ands with a mighty heave^ burst the

huge body asunder, splitting it into two equal portions right down the back

from nose to tallf

These aw the fummm txaka of B&dha-teia, which is the mitt Tillage to Qobaxdhtt» while
gt * contraction lor Ariihta-giowj !• the scene of the combat with the boll*
f           tie two         mt Brtadfi-ban named after this adventare: &e tot Keai GMt» where
fee nMsnifter <vm§ akin; the second Chain 6ti% wliere Krishna * Muted* and ballsed.   It is from
tMa exploit*               to Pawriaik etymology, that Kriiin» feires his popular name of KesaTa.
Tie nam^ Icwareiv ii nwr« sncieat tttsa the legend, mad ligmfies aimply the long
1              or radtot, aa ippropnate epithet if Kristem be taken for the Indian AyMo